Labtec Gesellschaft für Labortechnik mbH has been developing and manufacturing systems for breathing apparatus testing since 1992 and, thanks to various pioneering advancements and innovative products, has become a leading light in its sector. The company's experienced, dedicated head office staff and its extensive sales and service network comprising specialist partners in breathing apparatus technology ensure a suitable solution is found for virtually every application and task - be it for voluntary or professional fire departments, independent breathing apparatus workshops or fire service technical centers.

With INTERSCHUTZ being postponed to 2021, Labtec made use of the extra time to revamp its portfolio of testing units. Depending on their requirements and budget, users can now choose between three lines - "Eco", "Pro" and "Compact". While the "Eco" variant offers cost-effective testing technology that can be upgraded if necessary, the "Pro" model is a fully automatic high-end testing device with comprehensive options for professional testing. As the name suggests, the "Compact" version has been streamlined to make it mobile. This particular variant comes in three specific designs to suit different requirements and also supports modular functional enhancements. A common feature in all units is the new "LabNet Profi" operating and workshop software, which Labtec has dubbed the perfectly tailored software solution for any breathing apparatus workshop. The company promises this software features a modern design, is easy to use and - much like the units themselves - can be customized.

Labtec Gesellschaft für Labortechnik mbH (74927 Eschelbronn, Germany)