Based in the Czech Republic, the ZHT Group primarily focuses on developing and manufacturing floating pumps and specially designed plastic vehicle bodies for fire trucks and purpose-built vehicles. All its products are based on a highly resistant copolymer that is claimed to be extremely tough and durable. According to ZHT, this plastic offers a unique and more cost-effective alternative to laminate or aluminum structures. Besides being exceptionally stable and hard-wearing, the company's products are also designed to boast particularly impressive physical properties and an outstanding resistance to high and low temperatures alike. The latter feature certainly comes in handy for the company's range of AMPHIBIO floating pumps, which has recently been expanded to include the AMPHIBIO REMOTE.

According to ZHT, its AMPHIBIO floating pumps are the perfect solution for drawing out water from natural sources, filling up water tenders, pumping water out of flooded areas and, of course, putting out fires. What's special about the new AMPHIBIO REMOTE is that the pump can be kicked into action from a distance using a remote control. Thanks to its voluminous tank, the pump can then transport 1,180 liters of water a minute at a pressure of 4.5 bar over a three-hour period. Besides incorporating these functional enhancements, the company has also improved the pump's design. While four integrated handles make the floating device easier to manage, its optimized shape and compact size facilitate stowage and ensure greater stability on the water.

ZHT Group s.r.o. (753 61 Hranice VII, Czech Republic)