COREVAS was founded in 2015 by Prof. G√ľnter Huhle and his wife Carola Petri. Their aim was to support people and their health - something that has certainly been achieved with the development of EmergencyEye. They were aided by a number of renowned institutions, including the German Federal Ministry for Economic Affairs and EIT Health (one of the European Institute of Innovation & Technology's Knowledge and Innovation Communities), as well as a Europe-wide consortium of eleven think tanks. But what exactly is EmergencyEye and how does it help people?

EmergencyEye was initially devised to feed information about what was happening at an incident site to emergency control centers and telephone switchboards via a live video link and to enable precise and continuous localization. The newly developed EmergencyEye X now adds a chat function with instant translation to break down any language barriers. The benefits of this EmEye-T technology have been proven in resuscitation scenarios, where the survival of victims and overall outcomes for them are largely dependent on witnesses following the correct procedure straight away and professional responders getting to the scene fast. In these controlled studies, EmEye-T showed itself to be significantly superior to the previous best standard.

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