For decades, Albert Ziegler GmbH - which in 2013 joined the China International Marine Containers Group, a world leader in logistics and energy equipment - has engineered and constructed vehicles for firefighters, disaster relief teams and security forces. Its wide range of standard and special-purpose vehicles is accompanied by an extensive selection of firefighting accessories - and now also a solution that has become pretty much indispensable owing to certain people all of a sudden losing moral judgment.

The new "Gafferwand" barrier from Ziegler is designed to protect emergency response workers, but above all potential victims, from the eyes and smartphone cameras of overly curious, essentially reckless bystanders who sometimes seem to lack any decency or sense of shame. Thanks to the Gibbons blower fan included in the scope of supply, the barrier only takes two minutes to set up and, once inflated, shields the scene from the public's gaze for as long as needed. This lightweight yet wind-resistant construction can withstand the harshest weather conditions and is sufficiently robust for multiple repeat uses.