Most of the everyday tasks we do involve our hands. Whether brushing our teeth, eating or giving someone a hug, we simply couldn't manage without them. And that's why it's essential that we take good care of them – especially if they are exposed to dangerous situations. Austrian company ESKA Lederhandschuhfabrik GmbH & Co KG began developing special firefighting gloves back in 1974, and that wealth of experience shines through in every detail of the new Triton 5* glove. The overriding priority is to combine optimum safety with an excellent grip. ESKA knows that extreme conditions require exceptional protection.

The specially designed Triton 5* firefighting glove demonstrates outstanding features, providing maximum protection against abrasion and cuts as per EN 388:2003 and enabling a firm yet sensitive grip. The Triton 5* is designed and made to fit the hand perfectly. Fire-resistant knuckle protectors on the back of the hand ensure full protection against impacts and bumps even in extreme situations. What’s more, a new style of fire-resistant wrist strap provides even more safety in the field. The glove is available in four different colors.

ESKA Lederhandschuhfabrik (4600 Wels/Thalheim, Austria), Hall 12, Stand B53