According to DIN EN 14466, a portable pump is an engine-driven pump that can be carried by hand and is not permanently installed in a vehicle. Johstadt PF Pumpen und Feuerlöschtechnik is one of the leading manufacturers of these devices and has been developing, designing and producing pumps since 1860. Today, its products are put to a whole range of uses, from firefighting and industrial purposes to biogas and agricultural applications. Boasting no fewer than ten models, the company's portable pump portfolio has now been extended even further with the addition of the "hydrofighter".

Weighing in at 169 kilograms, the "hydrofighter" is a two-cylinder four-stroke engine that is classified to the aforementioned DIN EN 14466 (PFPN 10-1500) standard. Its single-stage centrifugal pump is made from a seawater-resistant aluminum alloy and its pump shaft is stainless steel with a mechanical seal. The device is equipped with a thermal valve, dry-running indicator and electronic outlet pressure limitation. What's more, it features pump pressure control, an illuminated color display, automatic quick-start, a connection for an external charger, various pressure gauges, an operating hour meter, an LED spotlight and a drain cock. The carry frame of the "hydrofighter" has double-sided standard fixing points and four rotatable handles.

PF Pumpen und Feuerlöschtechnik GmbH (09477 Jöhstadt, Germany)