Witte + Sutor GmbH, the company better known under its brand name AccuLux, is a world-leader when it comes to technology and innovation in rechargeable lamps. Indeed, its reputation for exemplary design, technical perfection and unbeatable safety precedes it. AccuLux set the bar for environmentally friendly lighting back in 1955, when it developed the first rechargeable lamps in the world. Three years later, at the 1958 World Exhibition in Brussels, it even won a gold medal for its Original 70 model. With over 100 registered patents under its belt, AccuLux now focuses primarily on taking LED technology to the next level. The highlights so far of its work in this area include the first rechargeable LED torches (the LED 2000 and Multi LED), various LED tube lamps and an LED otoscope for medical technology.

Another shining example from AccuLux is the newly developed HL 35 EX flexible-head lamp, which boasts a high-quality, high-power LED circuit board and the very latest battery technology - all with a three-year manufacturer's warranty. However, what arguably makes the HL 35 EX really special is its explosion safety properties, which are backed up by ATEX certification (EX zones 0/20 and 1/21). It also satisfies the DIN 14649:2018-03 fire brigade standard, making it ideal for use in almost all hazardous situations. A three-step switch on the HL 35 EX gives users control over the intensity of its beam, allowing them to use either or both of the primary and secondary lights, which are protected from scratches and chemicals by special safety glass. The lamp's maximum luminous flux is approximately 380 lumens. The exact remaining operating time and charge status of the battery can be read out from an LCD display, in minutes or percent.

AccuLux - Witte + Sutor GmbH (71540 Murrhardt, Germany)
Website: https://acculux.eu