People use spray cans all the time, so it’s fair to expect they wouldn’t find it too difficult to operate them even in an emergency. And it is this user-friendly simplicity that can make the crucial difference between an incipient fire that is easy to contain and a major, large-area fire. Widely distributed, quick-deploy fire extinguishing sprays can thus make a significant contribution to improving modern firefighting in the long term.

That is precisely why Frankfurt-based PRYMOS GmbH produces fully certified fire extinguishing sprays for a wide range of applications. At its stand at INTERSCHUTZ 2015 in Hannover, Germany, the company is demonstrating how these can be combined with the world’s first and lightest E3-compliant composite fire extinguisher to form an innovative fire protection solution for companies and organizations of any nature and size. The PM10 is a low-maintenance Kevlar composite fire extinguisher with three key patented technological features – an innovative, computer-designed Kevlar outer container, a high-precision pressure-blown HDPE inner container and a firmly anchored safety ring as a maintenance-free, leak-proof mounting for the operating valve.

Prymos Gmb H (60594 Frankfurt, Germany), Hall 13, Stand F76