It's not always the case, but unfortunately happens far too often - that time runs out for the emergency services, and even more catastrophically for unfortunate victims. However, with the right tools to hand, the worst-case scenario can thankfully be avoided, particularly where a matter of seconds decides between life and death in rescue operations. Besides hydraulic cutters, cut-off grinders are called for in these situations - and the prestigious German manufacturer of power saws and other handheld power equipment STIHL has now launched an extremely powerful machine called the STIHL TS 440 to facilitate cutting in tight spaces.

The TS 440 with extended guard adjustment makes it easier to cut in confined areas thanks to its compact construction. What's more, the STIHL QuickStop heralds the world’s first application of a sensor-activated wheel brake to stop a grinder within a fraction of a second of excessive kickback. It goes without saying that the TS 440 boasts all the characteristic technical refinements of its renowned STIHL stablemates. The machine is designed as the ideal slicing tool for both tricky rescue conditions and everyday applications, such as construction work.

ANDREAS STIHL AG & Co. KG (71336 Waiblingen, Germany)