The latest digital technology makes it possible. The focus here is on the new 5G mobile communications standard. At INTERSCHUTZ, visitors can experience how something like this could work in the future in a showcase at Expo-Avenue, at the corner of Hall 14.

Showcase Expo-Avenue, corner of Hall 14

Several companies and institutions are involved in the showcase - including the German Aerospace Center (DLR). Also using "5G," DLR is ensuring that an event is simulated around the "real" situation, in which the emergency vehicles are in much heavier traffic. Reality and virtual events are synchronized with each other. Spectators can watch the event unfold via a large screen and also via a YouTube channel on their cell phones. The driver of the demonstration vehicle also sees the virtual environment. The background to DLR's activities is the endeavor to optimize the efficiency of traffic through the networking and automation of vehicles and infrastructure and thus to create new capacities - if possible without expanding traffic routes.

The 5G campus network on the 1.5 million square meter Hannover exhibition grounds offers the best conditions, according to researchers. "The quality is comparable to the cable network," says Lennart Asbach of DLR, who heads the Verification and Validation department at the Institute of Transportation Systems Engineering there.

Advantages of a campus network

As Marcus Eibach of Deutsche Messe AG explains, campus networks are exclusive closed mobile networks for a defined local company site, a university or individual buildings. Key advantages are considered to be high data security, fast data transmission with low latency, availability of high bandwidths with a defined data throughput and very high reliability - with low energy requirements.

"Especially in the field of smart mobility, 5G technologies enable numerous optimizations," says Eibach. "In this context, our Smart Venue offers optimal test, trial and development environments for connected and automated mobility. Of course, the showcase at INTERSCHUTZ can only demonstrate part of the many possibilities." Other examples of the benefits of 5G include the networking of machines and the use of drones in emergency response. Among other things, video transmission of situation images is made possible in real time - and in HD quality.

Successful introduction

A few weeks ago, Deutsche Messe AG opened its 5G Smart Venue in time for HANNOVER MESSE 2022. Together with Deutsche Telekom, eight halls on the Hannover exhibition grounds and the open-air grounds, including all roads and parking lots, have now been made 5G-capable. This means that large data volumes and high speeds for industrial applications can be realized in the campus network. This has created a test field environment that resembles that of a real-life laboratory.