INTERSCHUTZ 2020, 15 - 20 June, Hannover/Germany
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German rope rescue championship

A few decades ago, emergencies on skyscraper construction sites, high-voltage electrical towers or cranes pushed fire departments to the very limits of their capabilities. Since then the problem has been resolved:

Höhenretter Plakat

Rope rescuers are at work throughout Germany, in fire departments as well as many emergency rescue organizations. At the "German rope rescue championship" at INTERSCHUTZ 2020, more than 100 emergency rescuers will show off their skills.

Every one of the 16 or so groups, each composed of five rescue personnel, will need to complete challenging tasks at a total of four stations. The exact nature of the exercises is a secret until 20 June, the day of the event. The fastest total time will determine the winner, which promises a thrilling competition in which the sky's the limit.

The performance comparison will take place on 20.06.2020 from 9:00 to 16.30 at the Hannover Exhibition Centre.

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