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Great successes in export and tenders: TEXPORT® further expands its market share

TEXPORT, Salzburg-based manufacturer of protective clothing, adds another chapter to its success story   as it sets further milestones, scoring great successes in tenders and exports.


SALZBURG/HANNOVER. Having won major tenders in Europe - for example the supply of fire fighting clothing for the BF Madrid or the Berlin fire brigade, TEXPORT® recently gained additional well-known and reputable customers. Since late 2013, the company has won the prestigious tenders of Rotterdam's fire department for fire fighting clothing, the tender for service clothing and uniforms of the Berlin fire brigade or the IBZ tender for fire fighting clothing of the Belgian fire brigade.

Rotterdam: Total volume of 2,600 suits

In late 2013, TEXPORT®'s product quality won over yet another prestigious client in Europe: the Rotterdam-Rijnmond Fire Brigade (Rotterdam urban region). The order involves providing a total of approximately 2,600 suits. The toughest challenges in the tendering phase were the extreme tests and the vast range of mission specifications they need to satisfy in practice. Winning the tender was a result of the overall clothing concept, say´s Jan Bosch, a leading member of the tender committee: "We decided to use Texport because the product is totally convincing in terms of its concept, the quality of workmanship, its performance and its test results. The assessment of total operating costs, itself a crucial issue, made it an obvious choice”.

The model for the Rotterdam fire brigade is an adapted version of the “Fire Drag Rescue” jacket. An external high-visibility grab strap guarantees quick and easy access to the Drag System, even in tricky circumstances and poor visibility. The rescue strap is fully integrated into the upper-body part of the jacket. Running from the back and around the chest and arms, the system ensures comfortable use during rescues. The system's special design prevents the material from cutting in the armpit region when dragging or carrying the injured person out of the danger zone. PBI® Matrix® is used as outer fabric in both the jacket and the trousers. As material composition, the patented X-TREME® satisfied all requirements placed on the suit.

Supreme insulation coefficients, an extended retreat window and at the same time the best possible breathability precisely met the criteria the executive committee felt were crucial. The “Fire Action Matrix” model was adapted to suit the specific needs of the trousers. They are also made of X-TREME® and therefore provide the ideal material composition. TEXPORT® highlights such as the textile Triple Fabric® reflective strips or the HPX-System® for fast and easy zipper repair were additional criteria in the decision, especially with regard to the total cost of operation and durability.

With immediate effect, Belgian fire brigades are wearing TEXPORT®

At the end of an already very successful 2014, TEXPORT® celebrated another great success, winning the tender for all Belgian fire brigades.

In a tender and decision process lasting several years and including a large amount of development work and high investments into the infrastructure, TEXPORT eventually won the largest European tender to date for fire brigade protective clothing 

The framework contract runs over four years and has a scope of approx. 16,000 suits for both voluntary and professional fire brigades.

In several years of preparation and a subsequent strict tender process, TEXPORT® prevailed over strong local and international competitors with an adapted version of the “Fire Drag Rescue” model in its Body Language Version. As in the model in Rotterdam, the “Drag System” permits the rescue of comrades in dangerous situations. The patented

X-TREME® (jacket) and X-TREME® light (trousers) compositions were chosen. This means, Belgian fire fighters are ensured best protection with the highest level of wearing comfort. For the “Fire Drag Rescue Belgium” model PBI® NEO®, the outer fabric is made from the innovative PBI®. Other special features of the Belgian model include the “Body Language” stripe markings as well as the additional application of reflective arrows on the sides of the suit. This guarantees higher visibility of the body contour in any working situation a fire fighter may encounter.

Currently, sizing, is ongoing as the first step in supplying the Belgian fire fighters.

Service clothing and uniforms for the Berlin fire brigade

Once again TEXPORT® proved true to its status as a full-service provider for “Protective clothing for fire brigades”, winning the tender for the service clothing and uniforms for the Berlin fire brigade. Having equipped the German capital with fire fighting clothing, trust in the high-quality products from Salzburg was confirmed with the award of this tender. The newly developed “Officer THL’ line is a high-quality range of service clothing which is also available to other customers effective immediately. The Officer THL jacket is certified under EN343, the standard for weather protection. In addition, the model impresses with practical pockets and holders, typical of TEXPORT®. The lining of the jacket is made from GORE-TEX® Flame Liner A ® membrane/lining. Optionally, the jacket is also available with quilted lining. The trousers are designed as one-layer service trousers available with GORE-TEX® lining.

The greatest special feature of the tender is the extensive and long planned sizing and personalisation.

The 4-year contract for the supply of service clothing and uniforms for the Berlin fire brigades involves a personalised supply in fitted sizing. To determine all active members were invited to try on suits for size at 8 locations in 2014. Just under 1,500 wearers in different configuration groups were measured up. This resulted in a total production quantity of 16,051 pieces, including the required size sets for 2014 alone. The production for 2015 is currently fully underway.

A special system was launched for this by TEXPORT®, which was first applied for the Berlin pilot project. The system uses products' serial numbers to supply each wearer with his correct size. This ensures that each wearer receives the personalised products in one box.

The new system for personalised sizing and delivery thus minimizes errors in sizing and makes allocation and issuing of the clothing much easier for the end customer.


All models and more information about personalised sizing and supply are available at our trade booth, Hall 12 stand D48!


For more information, please contact:

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