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Wireless Remote Control Monitor

Style 955

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Protek Manufacturing

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Protek's Wireless Remote Control Monitors are technologically advanced, electrically controlled deck monitors. Wireless remote control facilitates effective use of personnel and lowers the potential risk of injury from manual operations. There are no control cables between the joystick/transmitter and the monitor which significantly reduce installation costs. The monitors provide easy programming of oscillation for exposure protection or hazardous material suppression. Available in flows of up to 1250 GPM. Compatible with Protek's Electrically Controlled Monitor Nozzles.
- 3-1/4" waterway for flow rate of up to 1250 GPM
- Cast-in turning vanes for efficient flow and minimal friction loss
- Optional 180 or 300 degree (Style 935), and 360 degree (Style 955) horizontal rotation
- 360 degrees (Style 955) horizontal rotation
- Vertical travel 90 degrees above and 45 degrees below horizontal
- Electric nozzle with an adjustable flow baffle
- Electronic controls with manual override
- Brushless electric motor designed to eliminate sparks and reduce risk of ignition
- Automatic power off function during inactivity for enhanced performance and safety
- Programmable automatic oscillation and stow position
- Standard 24V with optional integrated AC-110V or AC-220V
- Optional 12V or with DC power supply

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