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The ST7-HV system is a programmable PLC suitable for safety and security installations with a high technological and economic content to ensure safety of people and protection of assets within commercial and industrial environments. This system is ideal for process plants, refineries, energy production factories, governmental and public buildings, military, naval installations and many more.

The ST7-HV system has state of the art technology that covers fire & gas detection as well as CCTV and security systems.

The ST7-HV system has been designed to meet a variety of functions, reliability and availability requirements which is ideal for companies that operate in the field of energy production and transformation. The ST7-HV has excellent resistance to electromagnetic disturbances and is capable of continuous operation in difficult environmental conditions.
Its capacity is set to the compliance with the requirements of fault tolerance set by the International Standards IEC 61508. Due to its compliance, it has obtained the level SIL3 (Safety Integrity Level 3) certified by a third party agency.

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