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Magmex PLUS Brand Fire Hose

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Chhatariya Firetech Industries

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Logo Magmex PLUS Brand Fire Hose


Construction: Jacket made out of high tenacity synthetic yarn with outer RED polymeric costing, having seamless EPDM rubber Lining conforming to BS:6391 Type 2 and with ISI mark under IS:636/1988 Type 'A'
Performance & salient feature:
> 100% Polyester yarn with Twill woven
> special Red Elastomeric coating to withstand heat, high abrasion resistance, quick drying lightweight and highly flexible.
> Resistant to mild alklis, common chemicals, mildew and scuff resistant.
> Ageing ozone and sea water resistant
> Easy visibility and maintenance free
> Withstands high pressure, durable and heavy duty hose.
Approval :
> ISI marked under IS:636 Type A
> DG-Shipping (MMD approved) for use on Merchant navy Vessels
> TAC approved
>Manufactured under ISO:9001:2008 quality systems
> Lloyd's approved to BS:6391
Type 2
> UL Listed under UL-19 by Underwriters Laboratory U.S.A.
> Fire brigades, high rise buildings, power plants, steel plants, railways, sailing vessels and other industries

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