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Long-range wireless fire alarm unit

Wireless fire alarm unit, fix it, that's it.

Logo Long-range wireless fire alarm unit
Logo Long-range wireless fire alarm unit


For over 20 years, Cordia has constantly looked to innovate in the field of fire alarm units, offering a range of reliable and accessible products that are simple to use and easy to install.

Cordia's range of fire alarms provides a choice of products that can respond to any situation. Products in the range include mains powered alarms and autonomous battery-operated alarms, but Cordia's leading product is the long-range wireless alarm.

The impressive performance features of Cordia's long-range wireless alarm include the unmatched power and security of the radio signal, as well as the ability to connect more than 100 alarms - including flash-wireless compatibles - to one network. Launched in 2014, the alarm's innovative Vision 4 software allows the user to identify, on a computer, the activated call point in a wireless-alarm network. A built-in repeater makes it possible to trigger the alarm ad infinitum.

The siren is integrated in the alarm and the alarm recognition within the network is automatic, with a trigger setting off the alarm at all points. The product is easily attached to the wall and no specific configuration is necessary, removing the need for a qualified electrician to install the alarm.
The wireless fire-alarm unit is a real technological marvel. Its 100-metre field of emission is the most powerful on the market, and it is made even more secure by a permanent radio-communication control system.

The wireless alarm is the flagship of a complete range of alarms that respond to all situations.

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