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Logo GINA smart apps
Logo GINA smart apps
Logo GINA smart apps
Logo GINA smart apps


GINA Tablet
Smart application designed to help firefighters and emergency rescue workers in the terrain. The system communicates with the operation centre and provides commanders with various management and decision support tools during all phases of the intervention.

- Shared operational situation (real-time visibility of units, tactical drawings)
- Navigation to the scene
- Offline and online maps
- Data storage
- Status management
- Additional data layers (water sources, POIs, etc.)
- Access to external apps (hazmat, car rescue)

GINA Messenger

Smart application designed for coordination of staff in the field via real-time interactive map. GINA Messenger allows users to collect and display tactical data (safe/dangerous zones, POIs, navigation, waypoints), share their location, use various modes (incognito, SOS, etc.), create incident reports and communicate with each other (group messaging, pictures). Thanks to safety features users are warned in case of imminent danger or emergency.


Smart application (for iPad or iPad Mini) focused on the needs of air medical rescue services.

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