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FP/FS 400Y Torrent Valve

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The BERMAD FP/FS-400Y Torrent valve is designed specifically for the fire protection industry, with an emphasis on rugged reliability and high performance to comply with the most demanding standards. A straight-through, hydraulic, line pressure driven, elastomeric, rolling diaphragm globe valve approved for 25 bar/365 psi with an industry-leading flow rate. It
is equally suited to vertical or horizontal installation and is available in pipe diameter sizes from 1 1/2» to 16» (DN40 to DN400).
The BERMAD 400Y is designed for flow control in deluge, pressure control deluge, remote on-off, monitor remote control, pre-action systems, pressure reducing and pressure relief. It is excellent for all fluids used in fire protection systems, from fire-water supplies to foam solution, seawater, foam concentrate and other corrosive liquids. It can be manufactured from various materials and coatings to suit a wide range of specifications and hazardous locations. It is certified and approved to the latest fire protection

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