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AVD Fire Extinguishing Agent

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AVD is a revolutionary new fire extinguishing agent specifically designed for flammable metal fires. It offers significantly superior performance to both control and extinguish flammable metal fires. AVD's enhanced fire extinguishing properties when compared to the existing dry powdered products make it the only fire extinguishing agent you should consider for flammable metal fires.

Dupré Minerals have proven that AVD is more effective at extinguishing metal fires, especially Magnesium, than conventional extinguishing agents.
- Water content cools the fire source
- Vermiculite platelets create a fire proof high insulation oxygen barrier
- AVD extinguishes, not just suppresses metal fires
- Smaller volume of the agent required to extinguish the fire compare to conventional agents
- Shorter time to handle extinguished fuel source
- Larger lancing distance
- Effectively extinguishes Class A fires
- Can be used as a fire break
- Ability to be used in portable and fixed installations due to fluid nature
- Possible to use standard fire fighting equipment for its deployment
- Environmentally friendly

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