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Automatic Fire Fighting Water Monitor

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Nanjing Ruishi Fire-Fighting

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Logo Automatic Fire Fighting Water Monitor


Automatic fire extinguishing device tracking jet infrared sensor technology, signal processing technology, communication and control technology, technology and mechanical drive technology combined together, can automatically monitor weather protection within the fire. Event of fire, fire, fire extinguishing equipment immediately start the fire in the horizontal direction and vertical direction smart scan to determine the source of fire of the two orientations, the central controller sends commands sent alarm signals, and start the pump, open the valve, fire extinguisher on the fire extinguishing water jet sources, fire extinguished, the central controller then issued a directive to stop shooting water. If the new fire-fighting device will repeat the process until all the was extinguished back to monitoring status. 5L/S - 10L/S. Automatic tracking shot jets of water in the form of fire fighting appliances columnar water jet, long range, wide scope of protection, fire-fighting capability is very powerful.

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