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Automatic Fire Fighting Water Monitor


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Nanjing Ruishi Fire-Fighting

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Logo Automatic Fire Fighting Water Monitor


Automatic tracking and positioning fire artillery combines the infrared sensor technology, signal processing technology, communication control technology, computer technology and mechanical driven technology together effectively. All-weather automatic monitoring can be detected within the scope of fire protection. When fire occurs,water cannons start smart scanning immediately from horizontal and vertical directions to determine the fire position, and then the central controller issues instructions and sends alarm signals while starting the pump, opening water valves, the fire artillery will then aim at the fire to out it off, after the fire has been put off , the central controller will issue instructions again to stop water jetting. Once new fire occurs, the fire artillery will repeat the process again until all the fire will be extinguished then it will be back into control state. Automatic tracking and positioning fire artillery shoots water in the form of cylindrical or water mist with long range, wide range protection and powerful fire-fighting capability.

Product Features
- Dual-band infrared detection technology, early fire detection, high accuracy, wide range, no blind spots.
- Usage of bus system for image transmission technology combined with live color image signal to a remote site by manual control.
- Can be fixed on the fire location, position sprinkler, high efficiency for early fire fighting.
- Field manual control of 485 fire artillery nozzles' water jet direction.
- Laser theory usage to check the accuracy of fire extinguishing system without an exclusive shot of water.
- Meet three control methods of the international standard for manual, automatic and remote manual.
- Automatic columnar/mist nozzle; close spray atomization, remove the bottom corner.
- When using columnar water, covering a wide area with strong penetration.
- Bus system communication, supplies a small, easy construction, easy maintenance.

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