INTERSCHUTZ 2020 - 15. bis 20. Juni, Hannover

ATEX Headlamps

Headlamps for Hand-free Lighting

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Streamlight understands that jobs sometimes require the use of both hands. That's why we offer a variety of ATEX-approved compact headlamps to give you the light you need without having to juggle your tools and a torch. In addition, each of these headlamps provides the run times you need to get through even the longest shift.

Our headlamps also offer a range of beam patterns to illuminate any task. The Argo® HAZ-LO®, featuring one C4® LED and two output modes, was designed to illuminate objects at a distance so you can safely see what's ahead of you. The Septor® HAZ-LO® has 7 white LEDS with two lighting modes and is good to use during «up close» work when seeing details is important. The Trident® HAZ-LO® provides a good mix of light for both distance and up-close work, with a center C4® LED and three ultra-bright white LEDs.

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