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Scintillator Probe 6150AD-b

Product description

The Scintillator Probe 6150AD-b is a portable PTB approved probe for the Dose Rate Meter 6150AD to measure photon radiation (gamma and X-radiation). A cylindrical three by three inches organic scintillator serves as the radiation detector. Particular advantages of the Scintillator Probe are its wide energy range and its high sensitivity. The Scintillator Probe is thus particularly well suited for fast and accurate measurements of low radiation levels down to or even below natural background. Due to that feature the probe received its name: the »b« in 6150AD-b means »background«. Other applications are, for example, measurement of scattered radiation and measurements around CRTs (cathode ray tubes) or other sources of X-rays.

The probe is available for either the classical quantity Hx or the more modern H*(10). The latter version is given the extension »/H« to its type name.

The Scintillator Probe 6150AD-b(/H) requires the smart models 6150AD5(/H) or 6150AD6(/H) as basic meters. Power supply comes from the 6150AD basic meter through the probe cable.

We also have the 6150AD-b/E model which is identical to the 6150AD-b/H model except that it only works with 6150AD5/E and 6150AD6/E basic meters. Since we strongly recommend »/H« models over »/E« models for international use, we shall not further consider the 6150AD-b/E model.

A helical probe cable (part number 700.1.18) and the removable carrying strap (part number 187.5) are included in the delivery, however not the 6150AD meter.

Hx model: 6150AD-b
H*(10) model: 6150AD-b/H

Analog range: 10 nSv/h - 100 µSv/h
Digital range: 1 nSv/h - 99.99 µSv/h
Approved range: 100 nSv/h - 100 µSv/h
Energy range 6150AD-b: 23 keV - 7 MeV
Energy range 6150AD-b/H: 20 keV - 7 MeV
The »approved« dose rate range starts at 100 nSv/h because according to German regulations lower dose rates are not subject to official calibration.

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