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Jactone PAFSS

Pneumatically Actuated Fire Suppression Systems

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Jactone Products

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Exhibitor details
Logo Jactone PAFSS
Logo Jactone PAFSS
Logo Jactone PAFSS
Logo Jactone PAFSS
Logo Jactone PAFSS

Product description

Jactone PAFSS are automatic fire suppression systems for enclosures, fume cabinet protection and microenvironments.
Automatic and quick acting, PAFSS can cover a range of applications and offer great flexibility to be tailored to customer and installation requirements.
There are many situations where dealing with a fire at source will both minimise the damage of valuable assets by extinguishing the fire early and before it more fully develops, enabling a quicker recovery of operations.

PAFSS can cover a range of applications and can be tailored to customer requirements, but the following common features apply:

> Simple to install and cost effective to maintain.
> Totally self contained, requiring no electrical source and
remaining operational during power interruption.
> Systems include detection / discharge tubing, superbly
engineered specialist valves / regulators and pressure
vessel(s) containing an appropriately selected fire
extinguishing agent.
> Unique features derived from innovative technology.

The heart of any PAFSS is the special detection tubing which acts as a linear heat and flame detector.
The pressurised tubing is completely flexible, tough enough to withstand the harshest of conditions and can be run throughout the installation adjacent to identified fire risks.

Upon flame or heat impingement, the tube ruptures at the hot spot and by depressurisation the cylinder valve is activated to operate the suppression system. No external energy or power is needed for detection or actuation.

The main features of these specialised systems are:

> Linear heat and flame detection allows for an unlimited
number of detection points.
> Flexible detection tubing can be located adjacent to the
identified fire risk areas, resulting in fast reaction.
> Failsafe by design principles & simplicity.
>Flexible tube remains unaffected by dirt, dust, debris, oil, vibrations in nearly all industrial environments

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