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Image Style Fire Extinguishing System

auti explosion, auto tracking and positioning

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Exhibitor details
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Product description

The image style auto tracking and positioning jet fire water cannon system effectively combines image security monitoring, fire detection system and image positioning system together while adopting the international standardized industrial control LAN bus system, which could monitor the protected area automatically all day long. In the event of fire, the water cannon starts immediately and scans the fire seat intelligently both horizontally and vertically to determine the horizontal and vertical coordinates of the fire seat. The central controller sends signals of fire alarming,at Meanwhile, the pump starts, the valve opens and the fire water cannon sprinkles on the fire seat. After the fire is put out, the central controller sends instructions to stop water jetting.If there is a new fire, the fire water cannon will repeat the above process till all the fire is extinguished and it comes back to monitoring status.

Performance features:
- VFSD image pattern fire detection system is adopted as a front-end detection system, high-performance video processor is applied to analyze flame characteristics. Flame characteristics such as color, shape information, the frequency and change tendency of the twinkling are obtained from the video. Owing to the overall judgment covering multiple aspects, the false alarm rate is greatly reduced and the anti-interference ability is enhanced.
- Contactless fire detection method makes up for the blank of fire detection in an outdoor explosion environment. The active visual alarm method makes it possible to detect comprehensively the fire prevention area without any blind corner and it combines with the security monitoring system as one.
- Stereo vision positioning technology is adopted to calculate the real-time location of an ignition point. In the process of video positioning, the direction of the water gun jet also varies with the change of the fire source position, automatic tracking and positioning is thus realized.

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