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Glass Bulb Sprinkler

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Exhibitor details
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Product description

Sprinkler is one of the key parts of automatic sprinkler system, and sprays water in the designed pattern and flow to extinguish the fire. In accordance with structure, the sprinklers are available in open and closed styles. In respect of thermal-sensitive elements, they are available in fusible element and glass bulb styles. In terms of installation position, they are available in upright, pendent, sidewall and concealed styles. In line with sensitivity, they are available in quick response, special response and standard response styles. The key technical parameters of sprinkler also include nominal action temperature and nominal orifice size etc.
The glass bulb is used as thermal-sensitive element for the glass bulb sprinkler and it will start automatically within the preset temperature range.
Applied standard: GB5135.1 "Automatic Sprinkler Systems - Part 1: Sprinklers"

Applicable Scope
The glass bulb sprinklers are mainly used in wet, dry, pre-action automatic sprinkler systems and apply the relevant stipulations in GB50084 "Design Specification for Automatic Sprinkler Systems".

The glass bulb sprinkler is mainly composed of sprinkler body, deflector, glass bulb, button (with seals) and set screw etc.

Work Principle
Normally, sprinkler is in sealing condition. Once fire happens, the thermal-sensitive liquid in the sprinkler glass bulb expands, causing the bulb to shatter, releasing the button and spring seal assembly. Water flowing through the sprinkler orifice strikes the sprinkler deflector, forming a uniform spray pattern to extinguish or control the fire.

The glass bulb sprinkler of our company adopts Job glass bulb and Job dedicated gasket. It boasts pleasing appearance, stable performance, safe and reliable with good corrosion resistance and long life etc.

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