INTERSCHUTZ 2020, 15 - 20 June, Hannover/Germany


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Exhibitor details
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Angus CoolfireTM is a new, highly innovative cutting extinguishing technology being launched at Interschutz 2015. It has been built with ease of use, low life cycle costs and absolute reliability as its key features.

Angus CoolfireTM uses water at 300 bar pressure to which abrasive is added for a short burst of time to allow a fire-fighter to first punch a small diameter hole through the construction material of a building or structure. Once through, Angus CoolfireTM introduces an effective cooling spray of very fine water droplets into the fire compartment through the hole it has just created.

The Angus CoolfireTM incorporates a highly efficient and totally reliable abrasive system which makes it capable of rapidly punching holes through virtually any building material including wood, brick, steel and even reinforced ferro-concrete in a matter of seconds.

Once through to the source of the fire, Angus CoolfireTM delivers a fine mist of water that has been proven to reduce temperatures and create a safe environment for the fire-fighter to enter. In independent tests Angus CoolfireTM has been proven to cool temperatures by over 450°C in a matter of seconds.

Angus CoolfireTM can be supplied for a variety of vehicles and layouts. It can be incorporated into the specification of new vehicle fleets, retrofitted into existing fire vehicles or supplied as a purpose built, specialist vehicle. This last option is proving popular as it maximises the benefit of the compact nature of Angus CoolfireTM to create a flexible and versatile fire-fighting package.

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