Curiosity Day

On Monday we cast ourselves as curious explorers and get to know each other better. We want to shed light on the different actors involved in public safety and security, and pull back the curtain on the key themes that are relevant to them.

What trends are shaping the markets? What new players are creating a stir with new offerings? What’s behind different key initiatives?

Speakers: innovative and interdisciplinary research scientists, trend experts, observers, analysts, public safety stakeholders

Technology Day (formerly Robotics and Sensor Technology)

Tuesday will be entirely devoted to future defining technologies. We will discuss technology trends such as building automation, drones, robotics, IoT and connected mobility and its applications. How can technology support emergency responders? What technologies and measures can help predict and prevent situations that could cause damage and/or harm?

Speakers: representatives from startups, manufacturers, science and research

EENA Day (Europe)

Wednesday is Europe Day. The focus will be on European initiatives fostering networking, collaboration and standardization. The executive sponsor of this theme day is the European Emergency Number Association (EENA).

Speakers: EENA experts, research scientists working on Horizon 2022 projects, representatives from organizations sponsoring national initiatives with a European perspective, representatives from supraregional aid organizations

Future Learning Day

What will the sustainable education and training programs of the future look like? How can e-learning be transformed into i(ntelligent)-learning?

We will debate topics, such as “Digital Firefighting School” and “Virtual Classroom”, and discuss VR/AR training schemes and promising didactic training methods.

Speakers: education futurists and researchers, representatives from firefighting schools and education service providers

Complexity Day

Constant change and growing complexity call for new forms of collaboration, especially in the public safety sector. How do we ensure the interoperability of systems, processes and approaches? What will future threat scenarios look like? How do they arise and what consequences might they have? How well are we prepared for them?

What is the role of platforms and standards in avoiding threats and in dealing with them with a minimum of stress.

Speakers: representatives from politics, science and research, public officials, thought leaders

Connectivity Day

This day is all about networking. What new collaborative approaches were developed in the course of the week? What new perspectives have we discovered? What were the highlights? What ideas, requests and hopes will we take home with us?

Speakers: key players at INTERSCHUTZ 2022 (H16)