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IB-TEX®: The success story continues

Salzburg company TEXPORT® set a mile stone with the presentation of the exclusive Premium-Nomex® fabric IB-TEX® at  A+A 2015 The success story now continues with many new orders received and the expansion of the product range.


SALZBURG/HANNOVER. Two years ago, the TEXPORT®, based in Salzburg, Austria, presented the new Premium-Nomex ® fabric IB-TEX ® at A+A in Düsseldorf. Special features include enormous mechanical values and a unique look. This fabric is manufactured exclusively for and exclusively available from TEXPORT®. The company was also significantly involved in the development of the fabric, says Otmar Schneider, company founder and managing director of TEXPORT®: “We determined that there is a demand for a Premium-Nomex ® fabric in the market. Mechanical properties - such as abrasion resistance or washing resistance - have always been an important topic, especially with regard to the effects on the look of the outer materials. This led us to develop a new fabric generation.”

Composition is the most important factor in fabric durability

IB-TEX ® achieves extremely high mechanical values especially through its composition. IT is made of 73.5% Nomex®, 25% aromatic polyester and 1.5% carbon fibre. The aromatic polyester replaces the usual para-aramid (Kevlar®) content in the outer material. This has several benefits: aromatic polyesters are high-strength polyesters which are on a par with para-aramids with regard to heat resistance or resistance to mechanical abrasion. The inclusion of aromatic polyester (recognisable in the fabric as a fine white grid), prevents two phenomena which have a strong negative impact on the look of the fabric and thus on that of the protective clothing. On the one hand, the so-called “fibrillation”, in which very fine parts of para-aramid fibres rise to the fabric surface and create a grey film. In conventional aramid fabrics, this can already happen after a few washes. Although this does not have an impact on the protective effect of the fabric, it can make new fire fighting uniform quickly lose their accustomed appearance. In addition, pilling behaviour is significantly improved. Pilling is the phenomenon where finely detached para-aramid fibres form balls or little knots through mechanical impact. This also has a great influence on the look of the protective clothing. The look of IB-TEX ® is not affected by these factors, as the high abrasion resistance and non-use of para-aramid fibres prevents both pilling and fibrillation.

Another unique feature of IB-TEX ® is its impregnation. Thanks to Power Shell equipment, protective clothing with IB-TEX ® fabric outer materials does not need to be re-impregnated for up to 40 wash cycles. This reduces the cost of the maintenance of the clothing. It also ensures the functionality of the additional layers integrated in the material composition such as membranes or lining. This way the clothing’s conformity to applicable standards during use with regard to the run-off rate and breathability is ensured even without re-impregnation.

Market success confirms demand for IB-TEX®

Since A+A 2013, TEXPORT® has won over many IB-TEX ® customers. At the same time, the Fire Explorer was presented in Düsseldorf as the premiere model with outer material made from the new premium fabric. The model's impressive and highly-functional design has attracted a large following. Since its introduction, TEXPORT® has equipped many fire-fighting trainer teams with the Fire Explorer. In addition, many new customers were impressed by IB-TEX ®. For example, Utrecht's fire brigade purchased 2,000 suits equipped with IB-TEX ® outer materials, over 1,000 Fire Explorers have been exported and 500 to 1,000 suits in various models made from the new fabric were sold by TEXPORT® to voluntary fire brigades in Germany and Austria.

With demand for IB-TEX ® increasing, the product range was complemented with outer materials made of IB-TEX ®. Established products are now available with IB-TEX ® as the shell material. The popular “Fire Breaker Action” is the first model to implement this. In addition, the models with integrated belt systems are available with IB-TEX ® outer materials: the “Fire Drag Rescue” model (integrated “Drag System” for the rescue of injured colleagues), the “Fire Rescue Loop” (“Loop System” in the chest area with integrated belt for self-rescue or firm stance and workplace positioning), as well as the “Fire Bear Rescue” model (combination of these two systems). All standard products are available in dark blue, gold and red.


Come and visit us for detailed information about IB-TEX® at Interschutz trade fair at our booth in Hall 12, stand D48!


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