In autumn of this year, Magirus held a two-day indoor and outdoor press event in Ulm/Germany, with which the company demonstrated its comprehensive competence and many years of know-how, especially in the area of off-road and forest fire solutions. Marc Diening, CEO of Magirus, summarised the organisation of the event as follows: "Today we are presenting our solutions for the special requirements of off-road operations, which fire brigades and other emergency services are increasingly experiencing today and in the future. Especially for the fight against vegetation fires, based on our decades of international experience in this area, we present ideas and concepts for the future, all of which are available from today, safe and reliable".

One of the highlights was the premiere of the Magirus FireBull. The chain fire-fighting vehicle, which is already ready for series production, is based on a tracked chassis of the "PowerBully" brand from Kässbohrer Geländefahrzeug AG, one of the world market leaders for tracked vehicles. Thanks to its high payload with low ground pressure and a watt depth of 1,400 millimetres, the FireBull can be used not only in rough terrain, but also in moors or swampy areas. In the AirCore version, in addition to a 10,000 litre extinguishing agent tank, the AirCore extinguishing turbine with a capacity of up to 3,500 litres per minute and equipment rooms for loading specific equipment are available.

In addition, Magirus presented several new vehicles using the highly efficient AirCore water mist technology. In the new TLF AirCore, for example, Magirus combines the fire-fighting turbine mounted on a lifting device with an Iveco Eurocargo chassis with off-road capability and a 3,500 litre extinguishing agent tank to create a new type of mobile vehicle concept. According to the manufacturer, this concept is to be based on established, field-tested forest fire solutions from countries such as France and Italy in terms of performance features and equipment, and to develop these further.

Magirus GmbH (89079 Ulm, Germany)