Likely still known to many by its former name of S.E.A. GmbH Strahlenschutz-, Entwicklungs- und Ausrüstungs-Gesellschaft, NUVIA Instruments GmbH was founded in 1993 by Heinz Kirsch and Günter Werthmann - two seasoned experts in radiation protection and nuclear measuring technology. As a midsize company, NUVIA enjoys a number of advantages - including agility. For example, if a customer has a special request, or a measurement solution needs to meet special requirements, the team can respond at speed. On more than a few occasions, special projects like these have produced new standard products that now benefit the company’s entire customer base.

In the run-up to June’s INTERSCHUTZ 2020 in Hannover, NUVIA is already unveiling the new DolMo F dose rate monitor. This dose alert device and dose rate meter is perfectly in line with German Fire Service Regulation 500 (FwDV 500 - "Units in CBRN deployment"), making it particularly suitable for firefighting call-outs. As soon as the DolMo F is switched on, the user is prompted to select a dose threshold from the display menu that corresponds to the aforementioned regulation. Perfectly fine-tuned to the relevant deployment scenarios, the DolMo F is designed to be highly intuitive thanks to its easy-to-follow selection interface, and can be combined with the CoMo-170 contamination monitor to form the ideal piece of state-of-the-art vehicle equipment. Featuring an integrated Geiger-Müller tube, the measuring device is designed for use in low dose rate measuring ranges of up to 100 millisieverts per hour. The DolMo F can also display the cumulative dose in addition to the dose rate.