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Civil protection

Wristwatches to help win the race against time

Anyone working in fire prevention, disaster control or the rescue, safety or security services can find themselves in situations where every second counts. That's why for 20 years now, Sinn Spezialuhren GmbH has been developing robust mission timer watches. The latest addition is the EZM 12 for paramedics.

27 Sep. 2017

The EZM 1 from Sinn, based in Frankfurt am Main, was unveiled in 1997. As the first mission timer for the special units of the federal German police and customs authorities, it heralded an impressive new era. Twenty years later, reliable, robust and precise mission timers from Sinn are available for a wide range of professional users, each carefully designed for their specific conditions of use. Nowadays, Sinn mission timers are worn by firefighters, paramedics, rescue workers, pilots, divers, special units of the federal German police and armed forces, such as the GSG 9 border protection group, Germany's commando frogman force (KSM) and the special unit of the German customs authorities. For example, the EZM 7 mission timer, developed for fire services with the aid of an experienced senior fire inspector, makes it quicker and easier to set and monitor deployment times for breathing apparatus wearers, from CSA to LPA.

Sinn has now unveiled the EZM 12, a mission timer for paramedics that flags up the "platinum ten minutes" and "golden hour" to determine what action to take. This should help meet the aim of treating and taking away a critical patient within ten minutes and arriving at a hospital within an hour of the injury or emergency. Thanks to the inner rotating count-up bezel of the EZM 12, paramedics can keep a constant eye on the time frames. This is complemented by an outer rotating countdown bezel that can be used to monitor the times that drugs are administered, for instance. An integrated pulse scale - in combination with the rotor-shaped seconds hand - also means that the patient's heart rate can quickly be calculated every 15 seconds. The EZM 12's impressive array of finely tuned features equips emergency workers with a high-performance tool that can play a key role in saving people's lives.

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