INTERSCHUTZ 2020, 15 - 20 June, Hannover/Germany
Fire extinguishing agents

Global firefighting

The new three-dimensional globe extinguisher from Düsseldorf-based Iconos Vertriebs GmbH is being unveiled at INTERSCHUTZ 2015 in Hannover.

12 Jun. 2015

Iconos Vertriebs GmbH has been developing and producing high-quality solutions for professional, corporate and volunteer fire services in the field of fire prevention and disaster relief for more than ten years. Besides numerous appliances and accessories for a whole range of applications, the company’s best known tried-and-tested products also include the innovative and highly effective nozzle hose and clamping slip ring. The latest innovation from Iconos is a globe extinguisher – and it is being unveiled to the public for the first time at INTERSCHUTZ in Hannover.

The newly developed globe extinguisher adds a new dimension to the proven and effective Iconos nozzle hose. While the nozzle hose is designed primarily for fighting surface fires and containing hot spots, the three-dimensional effect provided by the globe extinguisher is most suitable for tackling fires in large rooms and halls. When deployed, the device forms a powerful, mushroom-shaped screen of water that helps to extinguish flames and form a protective barrier. The steel upper hemisphere of the globe extinguisher can accommodate up to 45 of the replaceable nozzles also used in the nozzle hose. It is mounted on a stable tripod fitted with a type B Storz coupling with a vertical ratchet mechanism and a 90 degree elbow to allow upright operation.

Iconos - Vertriebs GmbH (40489 Düsseldorf, Germany), Hall 13, Stand J50