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Fire Prevention

Firing up innovation!

svt subsidiary AIK is showcasing its impressive new FLAMMADUR A 365 polyurethane-based flame retardant. This non-toxic, fiber- and solvent-free product, which is not classified as hazardous in any way, is designed for manufacturing elastic panels and molded parts to add preventive fire safety.

27 Mar. 2019

A leading manufacturer of cutting-edge fire protection products and systems, the svt Group offers comprehensive services for passive fire safety and damage restoration. The company’s continuous research and development efforts generate an innovative range of processes and services in these two areas, along with products and systems for passive structural fire safety and industrial fire prevention applications in the transportation sector. One of the latest inventions from svt was developed by its subsidiary AIK - the FLAMMADUR A 365 two-component casting resin for use in railway vehicles and a string of other applications.

FLAMMADUR A 365 is a polyurethane-based flame retardant and fireproof material that expands in the event of a fire. As it doesn't contain any fibers, solvents or hazardous substances, it's also non-toxic. FLAMMADUR A 365 is designed to improve the fire retardancy of surfaces and components. When heated, it develops a strong, cooling foam that - depending on the application and location - can even build up mechanical pressure, which can also help extinguish flames. Not only that, but the expired substances in FLAMMADUR A 365 are fire-resistant, too. FLAMMADUR A 365 itself is insensitive to moisture, resistant to industrial oils, weak acids and alkalis, and has no negative impact on the materials it comes into contact with.

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