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Fire Prevention

A new German-Swedish firefighting combo!

Josef Lentner GmbH - known, first and foremost, for its firefighting vehicles - is now debuting its flagship models LF 20 and HLF 20 on a Scania chassis.

12 Jun. 2019
Trendspots Editorial Office
Lentner HLF-20 Scania

Lentner is one of the leading manufacturers of firefighting vehicles in the German-speaking world. Its portfolio includes everything from medium-sized fire engines, rescue vehicles, equipment carriers and a wide variety of special firefighting vehicles right through to large airfield fire engines - virtually everything that can be deployed for mobile firefighting. That said, Lentner has also made a name for itself as a manufacturer of pumps, pressure proportioning systems and CAFS technology - impressing customers above all with its easy-to-use products boasting outstanding performance specifications. Whether a standard or special design is needed, Lentner tailors every one of its vehicles to suit the specific on-site requirements of each individual fire department. In fact, the company believes this to be the key to its success.

Without a doubt, the group firefighting vehicles in Lentner’s 20 range are among the flagship solutions of any vehicle fleet. In addition to the standard load, both the LF 20, which stores up to 2,000 liters of water, and the HLF 20, with its 1,600 liter water capacity and additional technical gear, are designed to accommodate the extra weight and space taken up by any site-specific supplementary equipment. According to Lentner, this extremely lightweight design and optimized space efficiency gives the company a clear competitive edge. In addition to the previously available Mercedes and MAN options, customers can now also choose Scania models as the basis for their vehicles, since technological advances have made it possible for Lentner to manufacture the (H)LF 20, with its extensive load capacity, using the heavier Scania chassis.

Josef Lentner GmbH (85664 Hohenlinden, Germany)