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TEXPORT® Clean & Care®: New care management premieres at Interschutz 2015

Traditional Salzburg company TEXPORT® presents a ground-breaking innovation in all-round service with “TEXPORT® Clean & Care®“. Customers in Austria and Germany can now hand over the entire maintenance and cleaning of their protective clothing to the manufacturer as their reliable partner with three modules to choose from and combine


SALZBURG/HANNOVER. Awareness of the importance of professional cleaning, maintenance and repair of protective clothing has constantly increased in recent years. This is not only due to cost awareness, but also to the provisions for operational capability of protective clothing as stated in the EN 469 standard. This that organizations are not only required to return professional clothing to its correct appearance, but also to guarantee its functionality. This is often not ensured when cleaning is outsourced to external service providers or done locally at the fire station.


Standard provisions as sticking point in personal safety equipment cleaning

Depending on the quality of impregnation, a fluorocarbon (FC) finish will, on average, last for

five washing cycles. Dirt and mechanical stress such as chafing between outer materials or friction between the belts, respirators and outer material can severely reduce the life cycle of impregnation.

Among others, compliance with EN 469 requires that the outer fabric achieves a minimum spray value (beading effect) of class ≥ 4 and a run-off rate of ≥ 80 % of the applied volume of certain chemicals. If this requirement is not satisfied, the protective clothing does not conform to the relevant standards and may not be used for fire fighting in buildings. TEXPORT® Clean & Care® guarantees permanent conformity to the standard. Unless otherwise specified, impregnation is conducted automatically after every 6th washing. Impregnating the garment after each washing would impair wearing comfort because the lining would be impregnated along with the outer layers, losing its capacity to absorb moisture. An accredited test institute has confirmed achievement of these relevant minimum requirements as defined in the EN 469 standard following repeated wash cycles and apposite impregnation by TEXPORT®.


"Full service" in three modules

The company collaborated extensively with a contracted laundry; the perfect cleaning program was developed in many hours of work. The result is now premieres at Interschutz 2015 in Hanover. Customers can choose from three modules based on the same principle: documented and guaranteed professional cleaning of protective clothing for customers.

As a base module, TEXPORT® Clean & Care®  offers cleaning and impregnation. The customer creates a cleaning order using special software. The order is sent to TEXPORT ® and a pick-up order is created. The soiled clothing is collected from dedicated storage bins at the customer,'s premises TEXPORT® passes these on to a certified contracted laundry, the clothing is cleaned - and if necessary, impregnated - and returned to the customer. All the customer needs to do is create a cleaning order. The customer receives a status overview in the system and can see in where the clothing currently is. The average cycle time for this module is max. 14 days.

Building on module 1, TEXPORT® Clean & Care® adds a combination of cleaning and recommendation for repairs. Soiled clothing is not only cleaned, but also checked for any damage. The customer thus receives professionally cleaned and impregnated clothing and a recommendation for repairs for any damaged clothing. This is particularly suited for fire brigades with their own repair facilities.

The third module by TEXPORT® Clean & Care® might also be referred to as a “Full-service, no-worries package”. Module 3 contains all services of module 2 plus repairs directly performed by TEXPORT®. Soiled clothing is collected from the customer following the order, cleaned and/or impregnated and automatically repaired based on a contractually agreed repair price list after inspection for damages. The customer receives clean and repaired clothing.

Specially programmed software

The base for this revolutionary service is software specially developed by TEXPORT®. After conclusion of a contract, the customer is provided access to the software and, if necessary, hardware required for the program. Using the software, the customer can create a cleaning or repair order in a few simple steps. The program automatically identifies the serial number of the clothing from integrated RFID chips This way, the model or size of the clothing piece as well as the person it is allocated to - subject to personalised supply - is already identified when placing the order. The customer can thus trace which clothing is in which stage of the cleaning or repair process. A simple user interface as well as intensive training by qualified staff or intensive support guarantee a quick and user-friendly process for the customer.


Successful test run at Vienna Fire Department

Following a long and intensive preliminary and development time, the test run for TEXPORT® Clean & Care® was started at the fire department in Vienna in 2014. As a large-scale customer with a high mission frequency, the Vienna fire department tested the system applying the sort of stress to be expected under normal operation. The department has become a fan of the service. Following optimisation and final tweaks to the software and processes, TEXPORT® Clean & Care® is now available to all interested customers in Austria and Germany.


Come and visit us for detailed information about TEXPORT® Clean & Care® and exclusive insights of the system at Interschutz trade fair at our booth in Hall 12, stand D48!


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