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Exhibitor details
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(Computer-Aid Design & Calculation Software for Sprinkler Systems) can rapidly perform all the necessary functions required by NFPA 13. or BSEN 12845.

The drawing module in can:
1. Layout sprinklers and branch lines automatically;
2. Export Isometric from plan directly;
3. Make automatic tagging.

Calculation program can take data directly from the drawing produced by AutoCAD. Fitting equivalent lengths are automatically looked up according to fitting type, size, and pipe material.

1. Trees, Grids, and Loops Systems
2. Different K-factor and sprinkler level
3. More than 5000 pipe sections
4. Flow and velocity through all pipe sections
5. Flow and residual pressure at each sprinkler head and the node you selected
6. Pressure losses incurred in each pipe section due to both friction and elevation
7. changes
8. Maximum system demand pressure
9. Total water demanded by system

After that a best pump can be selected from the pump data-base. After you run the calculations, you can export the results and view the calculated flow, pressure and many other data in the «Object Properties Design» tab under the Engineering data. The report can be used by both the designer and the plan reviewer.

not only prints calculation results, but also graphics N1.85 water supply curves and flow plot diagrams.

Hall 13, Stand D34

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