INTERSCHUTZ 2020, 15 - 20 June
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OPTIX Automated Remote identiFIRE

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Integrated system for Command & Control of the localization, initial stage detection and controlling the spread of wildfires
Wildfires have a negative effect to nature's ecosystems leading to decreased numbers of plant and animal species as well as disrupting the biological balance.
Approximately 20% of the emissions of carbon dioxide in the atmosphere are caused by wildfires.
This has impacted the worlds economy, environment and resulted in the loss of human lives.

The only effective method for minimizing the damages from the wildfires is detection at their initial stages and a rapid response for their suppression.
The smoke is one of the first visible signs of fire and therefore it is a prime target for surveillance and detection. The smoke can be seen at great distances. Where there is a smoke, there is a fire. This is possible during the day, but what happens with the fires occur when it is dark?
Radiation from the heart of the fires is the prime target for IR thermal energy detection. This is possible due to OPTIX own know-how and especially new developed thermal imagers for surveillance with thermographic functions for the needs of the system. The results given from several tests has shown us that we are on the right track and we can successfully detect 24/7 the heat from the heart of the fire up to 10 km on direct line of sight.
Combining these two main methods - detection of smoke and IR, we added our own algorithms with elements of AI and we increased the efficiency of OPTIX Automated Remote identiFIRE system, at the same time we reduced the false alarms to acceptable levels.

Based on the meteorological data - wind direction and speed, humidity, temperature, etc. the integrated weather station system and previously entered information about the terrain, Pol and the types of vegetation in the area, the specialized software OPTIX intelliART gives the supposed trajectories of possible spread of the wildfire.


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