INTERSCHUTZ 2020, 15 - 20 June

Equipment for fire stations and workshops


Vehicles | 13 Jun. 2015

A new era for firefighting...

vehicles. Rosenbauer International AG proudly presents its fourth-generation innovative PANTHER airport firefighting vehicle at INTERSCHUTZ... more


Equipment for fire stations and workshops | 12 Jun. 2015

Red-hot world-first here

The wildland fire trainer unveiled by Kidde Fire Trainers GmbH at INTERSCHUTZ 2015 is a world-first that highlights the company’s status as... more


Equipment for fire stations and workshops | 11 Jun. 2015

Nothing can scorch this doll

For over 30 years now, the manikins produced by Ruth Lee Ltd have been helping get rescue and security workers, firefighters and military... more


Equipment for fire stations and workshops | 08 Jun. 2015

Boots fit for heroes!

The new FIRE EAGLE boot gives Bavarian footwear specialist Haix a firm foothold at INTERSCHUTZ – and there’s an XXL TV display and singer... more


Equipment for fire stations and workshops | 08 Jun. 2015

Everybody has to start small

At INTERSCHUTZ 2015, FEUMAT is exhibiting its Basic set, an affordable entry-level model for powder extinguisher maintenance. more


Equipment for fire stations and workshops | 05 Jun. 2015

A palace for pants and jackets

At INTERSCHUTZ in Hannover, C + P is exhibiting the latest innovations in the Evolo range of fire service lockers designed to offer optimum... more


Rescue | 05 Jun. 2015

Powerhouse unleashed!

LUKAS Hydraulik GmbH is exhibiting R 421 E2 at INTERSCHUTZ 2015 – the world's first telescopic ram with eDRAULIC technology for maximum... more


Equipment for fire stations and workshops | 01 Jun. 2015

A very personal trainer

ambiotex GmbH has developed and licensed an innovative high-tech shirt that records and analyzes vital physiological data with clinical... more


Fire extinguishing technology | 30 May. 2015

Trolley out, fire out!

Fire extinguishers and fire hoses are classic firefighting tools. And the trolley being exhibited by AFT GmbH at INTERSCHUTZ could soon be... more


Equipment for fire stations and workshops | 27 May. 2015

Get your fill!

The fully automated AW01 system that VULKAN is exhibiting at INTERSCHUTZ 2015 in Hannover is a low-dust, rapid filling solution for... more


Fire extinguishing agents | 22 May. 2015

A dynamic duo

PRYMOS combines fire extinguishing sprays and a new low-maintenance Kevlar composite fire extinguisher to create an innovative fire... more


Surveillance equipment | 22 May. 2015

How are things flowing?

Fire Research Corporation is premiering a whole batch of new products at INTERSCHUTZ 2015, including the innovative DataTron four-way... more


Equipment for fire stations and workshops | 19 May. 2015

firefighter footwear

VÖLKL is bringing “One”, the first firefighter boot model to feature the innovative VÖLKL “3 step comfort system”, to INTERSCHUTZ 2015 in... more