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Logo Youngjin Flex

Youngjin Flex

Logo Youngjin Flex
Halle 24, Stand B06


Youngjin Flex Co., Ltd.

Jeongwang-Dong 1251-2
1-503, Sihwa Industrial Complex
429-840 Siheung-city
Korea, Republik
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Fax: +82 31 4329745


Frau Assistant manager Esther Cho
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Telefon: +82 31 432 9772
Fax: +82 31 432 9745



Sprinklers (or Sprinkler head)

Description Sprinklers are for protecting fire at the very first step by discharging water inside when predetermined temperature is reached. Our sprinklers have UL certificate as well as Korea Fire Institute (KFI). The key component of sprinklers is a bulb. Our UL certified sprinkler is using German ...weiterlesen


Sprinkler flexible hose with fittings

Description: Flexible sprinkler hose is connected to sprinklers and it is normally installed at the end of the construction. Installers on site are faced lots of challenges due to limited space. Our sprinkler flexible hose is the best solution. With flexibility limited space is no more obstruction! ...weiterlesen

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