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The tank of foam fire sprinkler systems is internally plastic-coated. The fire sprinkler systems have a valve connected with a glass bulb which is sensitive to heath and automatically activates as soon as it reaches 68°C (93°C and 141°C on demand). Common places: boiler rooms, garages, small storages ...weiterlesen


EMME 18 The Emme 18 fire extinguisher is specially sui table for large enclosed spaces due to its large size. It is anyhow not unwieldy, and can be also easily moved in narrow spacesweiterlesen

Dry Powder Portable fire extinguisher

Dry Powder Portable fire extinguisher kg 1 En 3-7 - Model: Emme 1A Fire extinguishers, with a capacity of 1 - 2 kg., are especially used and advised for camper, car, garage and small places because they've a small size and they're very handy and practical.weiterlesen

Spare parts for fire extinguishers

VALVE FOR 3/4/6/9/12 KG DRY CHEMICAL AND 3/6/9 L FOAM 53weiterlesen

Fire Extinguishers

Emme Antincendio offers a full range of Fire Extinuishers including the following products Portable Hand Held Fire Extinguishers: from 1Kg up to 12Kg. Powder, Foam and Co2, Wheeled Fire Extinguishers: from 18 Kg up to 100 Kg. Powder, Foam and Co2, Automatic Fire Extinguishers: from 6KG up to 12KG. Powder ...weiterlesen

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