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Cixi Dobetter Fireproof Products

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Cixi Dobetter Fireproof
Products Co., Ltd.

78 South Zhoudong Huancheng Road
Zhoudong Sanjiao Station Zhouxiang,
315324 Cixi, Ningbo
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Herr Lishen Qiu
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Fire Blanket

Fire Blanket is a man-made fiber drill fabric, made of a kind of specially treated glass fiber, smooth, soft, with high density. It is the best protective material for human being or any object, which require protection from high heat. At the very beginning of a fire accident, it can be used to insulate ...weiterlesen


Fire Resistant Suit

The protective clothing by the national fire assembly inspection of quality supervision, inspection center, national survey bureau inspection approval certificate of Marine product. Firefighters insulation protective clothing using polypropylene eye fabric with aluminum foil polygenetic compound, do ...weiterlesen


Welding Blanket

Welding blanket function and fire blanket is similar, but is mainly used for industrial applications! Welding Blanket is suitable to be used for your welding process or any situation when sparkling occurs, thus easily causing a fire. It can refrain sparks, welding residues & other particles caused by ...weiterlesen

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