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Breathing Systems-2000

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Halle 25, Stand G16
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Breathing Systems-2000, JSC

Polyany Str. 54
117042 Moscow
Russische Föderation
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The Integrated Training System is designed for practical training of firemen and rescuers in operating in unbreathable environments under fire effects and during rescue operations in case of man-made accidents. The Integrated Training System consists of a training tower, training compartments, and burning ...weiterlesen


This simulator is designed to conduct fire extinction and rescuing drills on the motor transport. The simulator includes: Car setting Fixed operating system (controller) Wireless control panel Ignition box with heat control board Gas reservoir. The car setting is a steel dummy car structure made of ...weiterlesen

TD-1 Thermal + Smoky Environment Chamber

TD-1 Thermal and Smoky Environment Chamber TD-1 enables: Simultaneous training of fire squad/section; Close simulating fire conditions - Variable physical load exercises. TD-1 is arranged in a standard 40-ft shipping container and contains the following: labyrinth (orientation simulator); process zone ...weiterlesen


Breathing apparatus monitoring device is designed for checking main technical parameters of breathing apparatuses: Positive pressure; Leak test; Pressure test (the pressure when the demand valve is normally opened by the wearer's first breath); Reduced pressure. The device can produce and measure positive ...weiterlesen


AP OMEGA is an open circuit, self-contained compressed air-breathing apparatus. The apparatus is designed for professional fire-fighters, factory personnel and emergency response teams at enterprises with hazardous production facilities. The apparatus enables safe and comfortable operation in smoke-filled ...weiterlesen

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